Our Approach

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We see therapy as a collaborative process of exchange. Everyone has inside of them all that they need for growth and transformation. Therapy is the process of uncovering dormant seeds of growth, identifying things that get in our way, strengthening what is already working, learning new skills, and taking positive action. Together we can figure out what works best for you. Sometimes that means addressing the day to day issues of life, in the here and now. Today's concerns may also interact with historical patterns and past experiences, prompting us to explore and work through that history together.

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable in opening up and taking some risks. We offer you the chance to turn issues around and look at them differently. This can lead to new and untapped opportunities.

We bring to the therapy process our many years of experience and training, and our optimism that growth is an inevitable and powerful force -- a force often most apparent during times of transition. Transitions provide us many possibilities for change, and challenge us to make more of ourselves. We look forward to joining with you where you are, and supporting you through this time of transformation.

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